RV Nation Mobile Repair Service

Whether you’re at the campsite, on the road or parked at your home, RV Nation’s Expert technicians are available whenever and wherever you are. We have the skills and experience to solve any issue you’re having with your RV. Make planning and experiencing your trip to Southern Utah stress free with our mobile repair service. 

Our Mobile RV Repair Service

From simple generator maintenance to full blown repairs and replacements of any part on your RV our mobile Rv repair technicians have the skills and experience to
handle any required servicing or RV issue.


You don't get to choose when your RV has an issue but you do get to choose your service technician. Here at RV Nation Mobile Service we provide the best RV services to the southern utah area.


With over 15 years experience working on RVs, RV Nation Mobile Repair Service can handle most rv repairs and services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


At RV Nation Mobile Repair Service we believe in earning your business. The last thing you should worry about on your family vacation is choosing the right RV technician. That is why we guarantee our work.

Servicing your RV

Dealing with servicing your RV can be both difficult and confusing. Most RV owners don’t know where to start with their RV servicing and often do not realize just how many things need to be serviced or check on a regular basis. All of the required services can be done at RV Nation. From simple generator maintenance to full blown repairs and replacements of any part on your RV our mobile RV repair technicians have the skills and experience to handle any required servicing or RV issue. These servicing checkups can save you a lot of money and time in the future. However, unforeseen accidents happen and unfortunately they tend to happen while on the road or after you reach your destination. That’s where our mobile RV repair technicians come in. Whether you are on the road, at your campsite or stuck in a parking lot somewhere, our mobile RV repair experts and here to help you get back on the road.

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5 Tips to Maintaining Your RV

1. Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is one of the most important parts of your RV to maintain and required more work than most people realize. Your RVs roof needs to be cleaned and inspected at least 4 times per year to prevent water leaks and damage to your RV. Water leaks in RVs are very common, usually these leaks go unnoticed and can cause a lot of damage over time. When water or snow get collected on the roof of your RV it can seep through the seams around your skylights and appliances. and get into the insulation in the walls.

2. Septic System Maintenance

No one likes dealing with septic systems while on vacations. Checking and maintaining your septic system can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Make sure to use chemicals that are specifically designed for your system for both your grey and black water systems. Not attending to the septic system maintenance can cause large buildup in the pipes and can lead to valve seizer. if you’re currently having issues with you septic system, call our mobile RV repair technicians.

3. RV Brake Maintenance

Inspecting and checking the brakes on your RV is essential to the safety of you and the others on the road. RVs are heavy and they take a lot of brake power to stop. Your brakes should be inspected at least twice a year to make sure there is enough material to safely stop the RV. Some things to look out for are that the rotors don’t have any deep grooves or cracks in them and that your brake pads are not squeaking due to a low amount of material. If you see any of these signs on your RV brakes or rotors call out mobile RV repair technicians today.

4. Generator Maintenance

Oil changes in your generator are just as important as they are for you daily vehicle. Without an oil change your generator does not get proper lubrication and can cause your motor to cease. This will result in a huge financial issues as well as not being able to use your RV’s appliances for an extended period of time therefore possibly ending your long awaited vacation. 

5. Slide-outs and Seals

Because you slide outs protrude from the side of your RV there is a lot of dirt build up which can affect the seals on the outside of your RV. Also if these slide outs are not properly greases you start to get metal grinding on metal which cause more expensive issues in the future. Also with this excessive grinding it puts a lot of strain on the motor that controls the slide. 

Things to consider when choosing an RV Technician

With the internet today it is easy to find a technician, but it’s not quite that simple to choose one that is reliable and experienced. That is why RV Nation’s RV Mobile Repair service guarantees their work. With years of experience and the skills to handle any repair we make sure ever one of our customers are happy with their service. Below are four things to consider when you choose which mobile RV repair service to use.

Do they work on RVs

Not all mobile repair and collision shops have experience with servicing or repairing RVs. Make sure you're not going to trust your RV to someone that doesn't know how to handle it. Ask them about their experience and skills otherwise you might end up needing more repairs after they are finished then you did before you contacted them.

Do they have to capabilities to fix your RV

RVs are much larger that your average car or truck and therefore require special tools. Make sure your repair technicians has the capabilities and tools to be able to fix your RV. By answering the first question of "Do they work on RVs" is a great place to start.

How long will repairs take

Nothing is more upsetting then having to sit in a hotel room for days while your RV is being fixed. Different issues will take different lengths of time to fix depending on the parts required. A good repair technician should be able to look at your RV and give you a decent estimate of how long the repair will take and when you can pick up your RV.

How Much will repairs cost

An experience collision repair technician should be able to give you an estimate of how much it will cost before they start with the repairs. However, once the repair starts there may be unforeseen issues that need to be corrected before the repair can be finished. Make sure your repair technician calls you and gets approval before installing parts or making extra repairs that were not on the original estimate.